First Psychology Assistance
20 Feb 2024

Webinar: Supporting Someone with ADHD – Information for Loved Ones

This webinar took place on 11 March 2024 from 12-12.45pm GMT

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, otherwise known as ADHD, is thought to affect between 5-7% of the population. However, with ADHD awareness on the rise, more and more people are wondering whether they may have ADHD and are choosing to seek further information, diagnosis and treatment.

Why you should attend
This FREE webinar explores the key components of ADHD, how it presents, and what you need to know if you have a loved one diagnosed with it in order to feel both informed and best able to support and understand their needs.

Resources provided during this webinar

Webinar recording
If you didn't register prior to the event, the webinar recording can be viewed via this link. If you registered for the webinar, you will automatically receive a link to view the recording within 48 hours of the webinar.