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Webinars, workshops, employee events and consultation

We are  passionate about supporting mental health and wellbeing in businesses and organisations, taking a proactive, knowledge-driven approach  designed to empower employees and managers in understanding and addressing their own needs and those of others. We have worked with clients to create and deliver specific training and support interventions designed to support mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and now have in place a framework of webinars, workshops employee events and consultation/supervision services covering a vast range of topics linked to promoting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. These  are being continually reviewed and updated, with cutting-edge research and new innovations being integrated into tried and tested models designed to help employees and managers support mental health and wellbeing in themselves and those around them in the workplace.

While many of our training and consultation services are delivered remotely/online, we able to deliver all on an in-person upon request. 

We can provide the following services to your team:
  • Drop-ins to support employee wellbeing
  • Webinars and online workshops on mental health and wellbeing
  • Virtual wellbeing events
  • Consultative supervision for HR/people managers

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To find out more about any of our services or to make a booking please contact us here or give us a call on 03330 344115. We look forward to hearing from you!
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