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Employee counselling, CBT and wellbeing service

We can provide bespoke, self-referred mental health and wellbeing support for your employees and stakeholders. This service is delivered locally, face-to-face and on a one-to-one basis that takes advantage of our network of comfortable consulting venues and highly skilled ‘in-house’ practitioner team. Online and remote sessions are also available to employees who prefer to work in this way. 

Our employee counselling, CBT and wellbeing service is based on our HelpNow package, offering all employees access to a pre-authorised ‘block’ of sessions (the number of ‘blocks’ or sessions made available to employees on this pre-authorised basis will be determined with you). The service is entirely confidential and designed to empower employees to seek early intervention and support for themselves when they need it most. 

We can incorporate a broad range of wellbeing and business psychology interventions into your service including employee access to wellbeing MOT’s, health and wellbeing coaching and coaching for personal/professional change. Support for dependents/children and relationship counselling is also available on a pre-authorised basis.

Our employee counselling, CBT and wellbeing service is developed in partnership with you to meet the specific mental health and wellbeing needs of your employees. You will have access to your own service coordinator within our team, and receive regular updates on service usage and employee engagement. 

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