First Psychology Assistance

First Psychology has a team of over 120 applied mental health practitioners skilled in a broad range of approaches to supporting mental health and wellbeing.

Our ethos

We are an organisation with a pluralistic ethos, meaning that we work with practitioners from different backgrounds and trainings, including those specialising in counselling/psychotherapy; cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT); relationships and family therapy (including counselling for children and young people); coaching; group working and conflict resolution. Our team includes a number of consultant practitioners and those in senior roles. All of our practitioners are part of our First Psychology ‘approved practitioner framework’ which ensures that they meet the highest possible standards in ethical practice, supervision, training and governance. 

Developing our team

First Psychology takes the support and professional development of our applied practitioner team very seriously. We have an ‘in-house’ training institute offering short and longer advanced specialist practice programmes to all of our practitioners. In addition, we hold monthly research seminars, webinars and an annual conference focusing on contemporary issues and best practice in the mental health and wellbeing field.

Our management team

Our management team is led by Professor Ewan Gillon who has over 25 years experience of working with businesses and organisations to promote mental health and wellbeing. Ewan currently also holds the role of Emeritus Professor of Applied Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University where he  worked for over 16 years while also developing the First Psychology service. He is supported in his management role by a team of colleagues from a range of clinical, training, communication, business management and administrative backgrounds.