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‘Thrive through Transition’ coaching  – supporting wellbeing during change

Personal and work transitions significantly impact on wellbeing and the ability to  thrive. Research shows that transition is often one of the most significant factors in mental health difficulties as it requires adjusting to new circumstances, losses and challenges, and gives rise to a range of stressors that can escalate substantially if not understood and addressed. 

Our THRIVE through Transition coaching programnme has been designed to provide employees with a personalised intervention for maintaining wellbeing and performance as part of a change process. 

The model has three components:
  • Reflecting and reviewing – understanding the impact of transition and identifying the challenges being presented,
  • Adjusting – determining what changes and adjustments may be necessary in expectations, behaviours, support and coping systems to ensure the transition is managed as effectively as possible, and
  • Developing – refining, adapting and reviewing the transition process all to maximise wellbeing and build resilience into the longer term. 
The programme is delivered over three one-to-one sessions with a qualified and experienced practitioner, and is suitable for employees engaged in a change process such as:
  • Returning to work  following maternity/paternity leave or any extended absence including mental health absence 
  • Coping with changes to work circumstances, move to part-time/ fractional employment, planning for retirement
  • Growing into a new leadership or people management role, or senior management/board
  • Transitioning into working from home or into a new work environment
  • Adapting to changed personal circumstances, such as the loss of partner, newly diagnosed health condition, changed family circumstances such as children leaving home.
  • Menopause

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