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Our KeepWell MOT service supports the employee to review their current wellbeing and mental health in a systematic, facilitated way, resulting in the development of a ‘wellbeing action plan’ designed to enhance their wellbeing in a way that meets their personal aspirations and circumstances.

The KeepWell MOT has three components:

  • A confidential online questionnaire developed by our psychologists and based on well-known quality-of-life measures. This is designed to identify the specific strengths and areas of potential development in terms of the employee’s current wellbeing and mental health
  • A single, one hour, session with a skilled and experienced psychological practitioner (online, face-to-face or telephone). This is designed to review the results of the questionnaire, explore in more depth the particular important areas of focus for the employee, and to develop a ‘wellbeing action plan’ to support their mental health and wellbeing. The session also offers an opportunity for the practitioner to offer advice and make recommendations to the employee in terms of wellbeing and mental health where appropriate. This may include a suggested referral for additional support or follow-up. The service is confidential, and no information is passed back to the employer unless permission is given by the employee for this occur.
  • A 30 minute follow up session a few weeks after the completion of the MOT, to ‘check in’ on any issues raised and to follow-up on progress in relations to any actions agreed.

Cost: £299

NEW: KeepWell MOT (Working from Home)

Due to current circumstances many employees are adapting to working from home, either entirely or as a significant part of their working arrangements. This is a significant change, and for some has a significant impact on wellbeing and mental health.

We have adapted our KeepWell MOT to focus specifically on the wellbeing and mental health needs of those currently working from home. The service involves a slightly modified MOT online questionnaire. This ensures any issues arising from the current homeworking arrangements and their impact on wellbeing are identified. The impact will be explored and addressed as part of the follow-up one-to-one session with the psychological practitioner. Any key issues linked to working from home and its impact on wellbeing and mental health will be addressed in the ‘wellbeing action plan’ arising from the process. This will provide a guided series of personalised actions to support the employee maintain wellbeing and mental health in the current circumstances.

Cost: £299

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