First Psychology Assistance
10 May 2022

Webinar – Supporting Loved Ones With OCD

Thursday 26 May, 12-12.45 BST

If someone you care about has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), knowing how to support them can be hard. You may struggle to understand their experiences, which can make it difficult for you to talk to them about it, or you may feel that their obsessions and compulsions get in the way of daily life. You may find yourself helping them, which is sometimes called 'accommodation', e.g. helping them carry out their compulsions or offering reassurance about their obsessive thoughts and behaviours. Refusing to help can often increase their anxiety and make things more difficult for both of you, however assisting someone with their compulsions is not helpful in the long term as it can maintain their anxiety.

Why attend this webinar? 

This webinar will aim to help you better understand OCD as well as learn more effective ways of helping and supporting someone with it.

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