First Psychology Assistance

Wellbeing Services in the Workplace

Our training and development courses tackle a wide range of issues related to the wellbeing of people at work.

Stress and conflict are key issues that can have a huge impact on productivity and staff performance and we have a number of training options designed to develop a proactive and focused approach to tackling stress and conflict at work as well as a selection of courses designed to increase knowledge and skill building in other key areas of wellbeing.

Our courses

All of our training courses will provide your people with a solid understanding of a particular wellness issue and help them gain practical experience in implementing techniques and strategies.

Bespoke training solutions

We are able to design and deliver bespoke training courses on any areas in the field of psychological wellbeing or people development. First Psychology Assistance has one of the largest faculties of applied psychological experts in the country, and is therefore able to undertake training commissions in a broad range of areas.

Key benefits of our training and development solutions for promoting workplace wellbeing

  • Increased awareness of wellness issues among employees and managers
  • Increased understanding of implementing techniques and strategies
  • Improved staff performance and wellbeing
  • Reduced sickness absence days
  • Demonstrable wellbeing strategy

Further information

Please contact us for further information and to discuss your organisation's requirements for promoting workplace wellbeing.

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