First Psychology Assistance

First Psychology Assistance has developed a number of services designed to support employees maintain wellbeing and promote good mental health on an ongoing basis. Research has demonstrated that a proactive approach to wellbeing and mental health pays dividends. It supports improved performance and identifies any problems or issues at the earliest possible stage.

Our KeepWell wellbeing services are designed to assist employees review their current wellbeing and mental health, to identify areas of strength along with potential challenges and to then develop an actionable plan towards change and enhancement. Any specific areas requiring intervention and additional measures may also be identified and supported in their early stages - thus minimising their impact wherever possible.

Our KeepWell wellbeing services offer both an MOT and review service to support employees with different needs and requirements, and to work with employers in a flexible and needs-based way.

Features of our KeepWell wellbeing services

  • Comfortable and confidential
  • Ease of referral - just contact us by phone or email and we’ll do the rest
  • Rapid response - we can get the ball rolling within seven days
  • Cost effective solution - a range of purchasing options to suit your needs
  • Psychology led - all systems are underpinned by the highest level of expertise

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