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One of the most common difficulties faced by employers relates to understanding and managing mental health or mental health related difficulties in employees.

Such difficulties impact profoundly on performance at work or repeated/long term absence, and therefore eliciting a clear understanding of the nature of the problem and the treatment solutions available is a fundamental part of determining how best to manage in situations where an employee is experiencing mental health distress.

First Psychology Assistance offer a range of assessment and reporting packages to enable an employer to gain a full and reasoned understanding of an employee's psychological difficulties, the prognosis for recovery and the treatment options available.

Short psychological assessment and report

A short psychological assessment and report provides a brief 'snapshot' of an employee's difficulties as well as a proposed range of treatment solutions in relation to these. This assessment is normally based on a 1.5 hour interview with the employee (this normally takes place in a local First Psychology consulting centre) in addition to the appropriate use of psychometric measures. The report takes the form of letter (normally 1-2 pages) summarising the findings of the interview/measures, offering opinion on the psychological basis of the difficulties being encountered, and proposing treatment solutions for the employer to consider.

Please note that this assessment and report process does not involve consultation with other health professionals nor arranging access to medical records

Price - £400

Full psychological assessment and report

A full psychological assessment and report involves a comprehensive analysis of an employee's psychological history, previous and ongoing treatment interventions, present and ongoing difficulties/diagnoses, detailed formulation of prognosis leading to treatment recommendations/solutions being made in collaboration with any additional healthcare intervention ongoing at the time.

This assessment normally requires full access to an employee's medical records (with the employee's consent), consultation with other healthcare professionals/employer, and 1-3 meetings with the employee to enable detailed psychometric processes to be undertaken and detailed interviews to be completed.

A comprehensive report (5-6 pages) is compiled and presented to the employer with clear treatment suggestions made.

The scope of the full psychological assessment and report is in dependent on the wishes of the employer, and a clear brief identifying specific questions to be addressed will be necessary before commencement of this process. First Psychology Assistance will support this process fully, via a dedicated case manager who will work with any employer wishing this service to ensure their specific needs are addressed.

Price - £125 per hour (please note this service can involve 10-20 hours of work, depending on the brief)

Medico-legal assessment and reporting

Unfortunately we are unable to undertake psychological assessment and reporting services for medico-legal purposes, namely where there is a legal claim being pursued by or against the individual forming the basis of the psychological assessment and report.

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