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Employee Counselling

Employees are the key asset of any organisation so it stands to reason that healthy employees promote healthy organisations.

Evidence-based approaches to improve mental wellbeing

Counselling and cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) are evidence-based approaches that can help employees improve mental wellbeing and also support recovery from stress, anxiety, low mood and psychological difficulties.

Our employee support, counselling and therapy services

Key benefits of enhanced employee wellbeing

  • Improved mental health of your employee - Over 14 million direct working days are lost each year as a result of stress, anxiety, low mood and other psychological difficulties.
  • Increased physical health of your employees - Psychological factors are also associated with lower immune response (leading to illness) and muscular skeletal problems, which are also common reasons for sickness absence. As any employer will know, the cost to the business/organisation of any staff absence is considerable.
  • Improved performance of your employees - Even when in work, any employee experiencing stress, anxiety or low mood will be unlikely to perform in a way you need them to.
  • Adherence to duty of care - Benefit to both you and your employees through adherence to your duty of care.
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