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Although things are changing, it is still the case that many men find it difficult or concerning to access therapy. First Psychology Assistance is extremely experienced in supporting men find the counselling or therapeutic help they need. We are able to provide a 'male focused' service as part of any employee assistance psychological therapy programme. Although clients want and need different things at different times, common elements of a our 'male sensitive' approach may include;

  • Guaranteed access to a male counsellor, CBT therapist or psychologist, or female if preferred, as part of a HelpNow or psychological therapy package
  • Therapeutic approaches employed to enable men to develop skills/techniques as part of the therapy
  • Easy access - sessions at times when the service is less busy, to enable comfortable/quick access to the centre
  • Telephone and online sessions available to enable work to be undertaken in a private manner

Please inform us at the point of booking if you wish us to offer a male focused service as part of a counselling, CBT or psychological therapy package. Our bookings team will be happy to talk your through the various options and agree an appropriate approach with you or your employee.

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