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As part of First Psychology, the largest independent provider of counselling and psychology services in Scotland, First Psychology Assistance is able to offer employees support for problems that may be impacting upon their performance at work but which are related to family or personal relationship difficulties.

Difficulties experienced by children or young people within the family or personal relationship problems have significant potential to impair an individual's performance at work, and to gradually erode resilience against mental health difficulties such as depression.

In order to support employers offer the best support possible to staff, we are able to offer relationship/couples therapy to an employee, or counselling/CBT for a child/young person within an employee's family.

These services operate along the same lines as our HelpNow or specialist psychological therapy packages, and may be purchased accordingly. Specialist case management is available to advise an employer as to the appropriateness of such an approach, and we are able to include couples/ relationship counselling and/or counselling for a child/young person as part of an overall confidential counselling/CBT service for employees.

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