First Psychology Assistance
First Psychology Assistance provides KeepWell sessions to meet the needs of employers looking for a rapid response to support employees during periods of professional or personal challenge. These one-off sessions provide an opportunity to discuss any issues which are of concern and have the potential to negatively influence psychological health. Our experienced practitioners will share ideas and strategies, drawn from psychological therapies, to help maintain and improve wellbeing.

A KeepWell session is not suitable for clients who may be experiencing significant mental health difficulties at the present time. First Psychology Assistance is able to offer alternative support for these clients through our HelpNow counselling/psychological therapies packages. Psychological support is also available directly to clients through our self-referral service at First Psychology Online or in our local First Psychology centres.

Our KeepWell service is available to purchase 'off the shelf' and provides a single, 50 minute session of psychologically informed support to discuss specific issues which may be impacting upon mental health and wellbeing. KeepWell sessions are provided by highly trained and experienced practitioners.

Features of our KeepWell sessions

  • Comfortable and confidential - sessions take place online or by telephone
  • Ease of referral - just contact us by phone or email and we'll do the rest
  • Rapid response - we aim for a KeepWell session to take place within seven days
  • Cost effective solution - pay as you go allows you to manage your budget
  • Expert case management - all referrals are overseen by a highly trained and experienced case manager
  • Psychology led - all systems are underpinned by the highest level of expertise
The cost of a one-off KeepWell session is £110.

Additional sessions

Further support is available, if required, following a KeepWell session. We can provide counselling or psychological therapy through our HelpNow packages.

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