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First Psychology Assistance is able to offer a range of training programmes and facilitated sessions in the area of mindfulness, to support employees integrate mindfulness skills into their day-to-day lives.

Mindfulness has been shown to be a highly effective method for managing stress, increasing alertness and improving general well-being. It is used in a diverse range of settings, from sports settings to hospitals and businesses, and is popular among senior leaders managing high-pressure roles

All facilitators offering mindfulness training are experienced psychological practitioners with an expertise and applied training in the mindfulness field.

We offer three levels of mindfulness training to organisations and businesses. These are:

Mindfulness for busy professionals (1 hr taster workshop)

Exploring the basic ideas and approaches within the mindfulness field. Participants will learn about some of the underlying theory around mindfulness and explore key techniques and strategies to be practised. Topics include: what is mindfulness; autopilot versus mindfulness; living in the present; cultivating awareness - breathing/observation techniques; review and discussion.

Who should attend: this workshop is suitable for all employees with an interest in mindfulness.

Introduction to mindfulness (6 x 2 hour course, can be run as 6 x 1.5 hrs)

Focusing on developing basic mindfulness skills, participants will explore in more depth the theory and practice of mindfulness. Topics include: what is mindfulness; its history and development; the biological and neurological basis of mindfulness; noticing 'being here'; exploring mindfulness in action - body scan; mindful moving; breathing meditation; pleasant events calendar; mindfulness in every day - time out; overcoming obstacles; review and reflections.

* Please note that this course is experiential and participants will be asked to undertake mindfulness exercises both during workshop sessions and at home.

Who should attend: this workshop is suitable for all employees with an interest in mindfulness. It may not be suitable for those with severe mental health difficulties.

Advanced mindfulness training (1 or 1.5 hour sessions)

We are able to provide ongoing and advanced training for employees who have completed the introduction to mindfulness program and wish to further develop their skills and experiences in the field of mindfulness. There are a range of models for such advanced support, which can take the form of a regular group, one-to-one sessions or a combination of both. It is also possible for us to deliver advanced mindfulness training online, should attendance at a group or one-to-one session be difficult.

Who should attend: advanced mindfulness training is suitable for employees with an interest in mindfulness and a minimum of 12 hours training in the mindfulness approach.

Please contact us for further details of all our mindfulness training courses.

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