First Psychology Assistance

First Psychology Assistance has developed a HelpNow Counselling / Psychological Therapy (including CBT) package to meet the needs of employers seeking rapid and effective counselling and/or CBT services.

This package is available to purchase 'off the shelf', and includes either:

  • one initial session of counselling and five further sessions of counselling OR
  • one initial session of psychological therapy (including CBT) and four further sessions of psychological therapy (including CBT).

All sessions will be provided by a highly trained and experienced practitioner.

Features of our HelpNow Counselling / Psychological Therapy (including CBT) package

  • Comfortable and confidential - Sessions conducted in a comfortable, confidential First Psychology centre or by phone/online
  • Ease of referral - just contact us by phone or email and we'll do the rest
  • Rapid response - we aim for a first session within seven days
  • Cost-effective solution - pay as you go allows you to manage your budget
  • Expert case management - all referrals are overseen by a highly trained and experienced case manager, available for ongoing consultation (additional fee may apply in complex cases)
  • Reporting available - Initial, interim and completion reports available, if required
  • Psychology led - all systems are underpinned by the highest level of expertise

The cost of our HelpNow Counselling / Psychological Therapy (including CBT) package is £549.

Additional sessions

Sometimes further support is necessary in addition to the counselling or CBT delivered via our HelpNow Counselling / CBT package. We are able to offer additional sessions on a single block basis:

Additional counselling session - £85 

Additional CBT session - £100 

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