First Psychology Assistance

We are able to work with businesses and organisations to allow employees confidential access to counselling or CBT - with our HelpNow counselling / CBT package - without the need for them to seek a referral from their manager or HR function.

This system usually operates via a combination of unique reference codes/pins which are provided to all employees. This then entitles them to access an agreed level of confidential counselling or CBT support.

Key benefits of our confidential access to counselling or CBT system

  • Easy access to support - Employees are able to access our confidential counselling or CBT services without having to disclose their difficulties to their employer.
  • Quality guaranteed - Employees are assured of a highly qualified and experienced service using evidence-based approaches to support wellbeing.
  • Choice of practitioner - We will help employees find the right practitioner for them in their local First Psychology centre.
  • Flexible - As the employer, you set specific limits regarding use of the service, and receive monthly status updates.
  • Cost effective - Pay only for the services used by your employees, billed in arrears.
  • Confidential reporting - Service level data on presenting issues and concerns, and service uptake. (We will not provide information that would enable identification of employees using this service).
  • A proactive approach - free publicity materials and engagement sessions to demonstrate the services available to employees and your interest in their wellbeing
  • Optional bolt ons - Additional services, such as stress management training, stress audits, and resilience coaching available.

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