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One of the key findings of research evidence in the area of psychological, CBT and counselling support is that different people prefer to work in different ways with their practitioner. Flexibility is often vital to busy professionals, and clients undertaking therapeutic work with us have the opportunity to conduct this by telephone or by online methods.

We are able to offer telephone or online therapy to all clients, regardless of location, and integrate this into the counselling, CBT or psychological therapy programmes we offer, such as our HelpNow packages or our specialist psychological therapy.

The nature and extent of telephone/online methods is normally agreed during the first meeting between practitioner and client, and a plan developed accordingly. Different clients prefer to use telephone and online methods in different ways, with some undertaking the majority of their therapeutic work in this way, while others use it to maintain therapeutic progress when unable to attend in person.

Some clients prefer to work entirely by telephone or online, and this is something we can support where clinically appropriate. Clients wishing to work entirely using telephone or online methods should inform our booking team to enable an appropriate referral to be made for an initial session, following which a plan will be agreed, as clinically appropriate.

All other aspects of our telephone and online therapy services are in accordance with our standard terms and procedures

Please note - we do NOT operate a 24 hour telephone counselling service

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